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wisconsin scrapbooking retreat
Wisconsin Scrapbooking Retreat
Wisconsin Scrapbook Retreat
Scrapbooking Retreat FAQ Make A Reservation

We’ve tried to anticipate as many questions as possible but in case we haven’t answered yours, feel free to contact us.

Should a question arise during your stay at our Eau Claire scrapbooking retreat, you will be given a contact name and phone number to use to call us.

Making a Reservation

How many guests can Green Haven Retreat accommodate?
We can accomodate up to 16 people. We have four guest rooms, each with four twin beds and a private bath. Our scrapbooking work area has 16 six foot tables with adjustable office chairs.

What if just two or three of us want to come?
We don’t want to leave smaller groups out, so we will have Retreat Hosted Weekends when the schedule allows. These weekends open up Green Haven Retreat to several smaller scrapbooking groups at a per person price. We will take up to 16, so please keep in mind that you might be sharing a room with someone that you don’t know— but that’s a good way to make new scrapbooking friends! Check our calendar for hosted dates. (If you have a group of less than four, but would like a room to yourselves we will try and accommodate this. To guarantee this you would have to pay for an additional person.)

We offer summer pricing that allows groups as small as two people to spend time at Greenhaven Retreat (two night minimum).
View new weekly room rental.

The dates you're interested in already booked? Check out Picture This Crafty Cottage for openings.

What time is check-in and check-out?
We have individualized our check-in procedure allowing groups the maximum time at our Wisconsin scrapbooking retreat. Check in and check out time does vary during summer months, but the normal check in and check out time is 3 PM. We can modify this prior to arrival if possible. Just call to inquire. An additional fee may be added.

What to Pack

What should I bring with me on the scrapbooking retreat?
Your personal scrapbooking or crafting supplies, personal toiletries, and don’t forget those comfy, lounging clothes and slippers! There is a TV and a Blu-Ray disc player so you might want to bring some movie favorites. (Your regular dvds will play in the Blu-Ray player). In the work area there is a CD player and a place to plug in your iPod in case you need music to get your creative juices flowing.

Where to Eat

Are any meals provided at the scrapbooking retreat?
No food is provided. Green Haven Retreat is within a short driving time of many excellent Eau Claire restaurants. Menus are provided for you to help make your choice or to order curbside pickup where available. You are welcome to bring your own food and do your own cooking in our kitchen. There is a dishwasher to make clean up easier! View a list of our kitchen inventory.


What about security?
Every guest staying at our scrapbooking retreat will have a key available to them that will lock their bedroom. It will be up to you, as guests, to make sure that you lock the building when you leave for any period of time. The scrapbooking work area is an open area so if you are concerned about leaving materials while you are not present we suggest you lock them in your room.

Around Eau Claire

You know how Wisconsin scrapbookers are—
where can we shop?

We are conveniently located adjacent to Picture This scrapbooking store.

I need to get out and stretch— what can I do?
Our scrapbooking retreat is only a short distance from a paved two mile walking path. You can walk towards Eau Claire or head away from town. No matter which way you go, you will find a convenience store. If you head towards Eau Claire you can follow the path all the way into town!

Packing Up

What happens if we accidentally pack up a scrapbooking supply from the work area and it comes home with us?
As part of the check-in process, we do an inventory check of the scrapbooking work area with you to make sure all the supplies are there for your use and that you will not be held responsible for an item that is not there. This same inventory checklist will be used when you are done using the scrapbooking work area. This way you can be sure all the scrapbooking supplies are accounted for before you head home. If we find that something is missing, we will contact your scrapbooking group leader. You will be responsible for paying the shipping to have the item returned to us, and if it can’t be located the group leader will be billed for the missing item.

What are we responsible for cleaning?
This is your time away from home, so we ask for minimal cleaning from you! Please clean the kitchen, wash all dishes, take out all kitchen and classroom garbage and recycling, and make sure you remove any food from the refrigerator. We will take care of the rest!

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